George loved Andrea. But why did she Leave a note & what note was that? Is that a love note Or a suicide note?

George And Andrea were living in Rivervalle estate and were studying in Peterson’s college. They were friends since their childhood. They used to hangout together. Their families used to go for vacations frequently

George got feelings on Andrea… HOW?

One day George and Andrea were heading to their college. On their way to the college the students saw a truck which was rushing downhill towards a baby. George went on to rescue the baby successfully but got hit by the truck and got fractures around his back. George’s parents were busy with their jobs. Andrea took the resonsibility to look-after George. George was priviledged to see her motherly service towards him. She was very crucially involved in the recovery of George. Then George wished for Andrea that she should be his life partner. Days went on passing George got recovered but he could not speak with Andrea as before because he had no enough dare to express his feelings for her.{As this happens with many of us.Even george faced this situation}

George gets tensed….. why?

As long as the moment George realised that he had feelings on Andrea he was tensed and was not brave enough to meet her and talk to her. He continued this kinda behaviour till days. But Andrea observed all these changes & found something suspicious in his behaviour. Andrea thought to ask him but she did not get a way to meet him. Soon Andrea was about to celebrate her 19th birthday. She invited all her friends including George. George attended the birthday party along with a gift.

What happened in the birthday party….?

George attented the birthday party but he was afraid to speak to her. He was shy & Andrea observed his movements. LAter after the birthday party Andrea called George to confess something important. She called George and as usual he was tensioned and worried. She showed George a fair and tall guy. His name was Jack. Andrea & Jack met in the same college. She introduced Jack to George naming him as a Boyfriend. George was broken as he was not able to win her heart. George left the party congratulating her.

Andrea was missing …. what happened?

Days passed, George was dull and gloomy but one day he was very eager to see Andrea. He went to her home but she was not in her home. He searched for her around Rivervalle Estate. He did not find her. He went on search for Andrea. He started to explore her Room so that he could find any hint related to her where-about. He found her journey with a note.

What did George find in Andrea’s journel ?

George found Andrea’s journal. He did not find the journal written by her since 3 days after her birthday. So he read the journal of Andrea regarding the birthday night. He was stunned and shocked. Andrea wrote ” I am in love with George since two years from the moment when he started a NGO to help the poor. He is a very innocent and a humble boy. I like the way he treats me. I fall in love with my boy daily but i could not confess him. What happens if he misunderstands me and stops talking to me. But today I pranked him saying about Jack to find out he is loving me. But he does not love me, he in fact congratulated me. He was my baby when he got hit by the truck. I was very happy to be with him to look-after him. I wish he could understand my feelings. I LOVE GEORGE.”

Reading this he burst out of tears and was very happy for Andrea. He found a note regarding some kinda women trafficing deals around Rivervalle estate in which her friend was trapped. She was in a plan to rescue the girls. Andrea has a brave heart.

George goes in search of Andrea..

George after finding all the details found that Andrea might be in some trouble. So he decided to solve the case and rescue the girls and Andrea. He was sure that they might be somewhere around in Rivervalle estate. According to the note they should be in a basement of the Rivervalle Mart. He went to solve it. But he was shocked seeing jack and his companions running this women trafficing. He slowly fought with all of them. He was face-to-face with Jack. Jack was very powerful & he blackmailed to leave or else he will kill bleeding Andrea fallen on the ground. But George strongly believed that anything is possible with love. He fought with Jack and defeated him. George managed to rescue all the girls and moved Andrea to the Hospital as she was hit by the goons.

What do you think happened in the hospital….

Andrea was unconscious and bleeding. She needed surgery and George was praying for his love. The surgery went successful and Andrea was into conscious. George went to Andrea. Andrea was thanking for helping. George replies ” I LOVE YOU”. Andrea gets emotional and asks George to hug her. Andrea says “LOVE YOU TOO”.


You always gain love by giving LOVE.

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