This is about the unfortunate love of Anjali & Rahul. how did this start? Who are they? How did they meet?

Into the story….

Rahul is a Fair & 6ft tall guy. He is a free lancer who does not work under anyone. He himself is a boss for his career. He runs a famous web designing and web developer professional who gives oppurtunities to many youngsters. Though it was not that easy he faced alot of difficulties and waited patient for what is now priviledged. He is a entrepreneur and a statesman. He is the founder of VDESIGN.

Anjali.., she was naughty, mischievous,& a Hard worker

Anjali is a beautiful,kind hearted & a short girl. She has completed her BBA and is a professional Legal advisor for top MNC’s. She had many friends and was kind hearted and helping natured. But she was not satisfied with her friends decisions. Many of their friends got married to the wrong partners who Do not understand them. She decided to start a Marriage Bureau so that no other girl suffers like her. She needs a Web designer and a Web developer. From the consultancy of of her friend she comes to know about Vamsi. Vamsi is a competitor of Rahul but he could not match the standard of Rahul. Rahul is the founder of WEDESIGN

Anjali meeting Rahul for the first time

Anjali wants to meet Vamsi so that she can complete her work in limited budget. She speaks to Vamsi on a call regarding this. She needs to meet Vamsi at WEDESIGN. She decides to go in a cab. She enter’s drop location as VDESIGN {You know it right! Whose office was that } She travels to VDESIGN & Rahul is the founder of it. She enter’s the office & rushes to the reception and said “I have already spoken to the Founder & he is a good friend of mine, send me in immediately without any delay”. Receptionist connects call to Rahul, saying ” Sir, One of your close friend is here in a hurry to meet you, Can I send her ?”

Rahul asks the receptionist to send her to his cabin. Anjali enter’s Rahul’s cabin & say’s ” Hi Vamsi! I already said you I hate waiting why did you make me wait? Are you out of your mind for making a beautiful girl like me wait. I’m very busy than you man. My networth is 10lakhs and Yours is 10000. Do you think you should make me wait like this. You should pardon & apology to me “. Rahul was shocked listening all her non-sense but he was enjoying her childish words,behaviour& her confidence. He accepts himself as Vamsi. He asks Anjali to explain her project with the creators. And Basically Rahul’s payslip for designing a website is 8 lakhs but he designs the website of Anjali for free.Rahul enquires for Vamsi he comes to know that it was founder of WEDESIGN. Rahul starts thinking about her for the whole day & laughs .

Anjali heading the team….

Rahul had no idea about what content she needed so He asked Anjali to lead the team so that he could watch her talent & her childish behaviour. still ANJALI did not realise that it was VDESIGN. Soonly after days passed Anjali started mocking the team for not showing fast progress. All the team members were angry at her But Rahul was enjoying. Her mocking was in advance stage, all the team members gathered near Rahul and said the situation,Rahul laughs at them & Explains them the stage of dilemma in which Anjali was. Soon after that even the team members started enjoying her naughty things at the office.

Anjali is a kind hearted

One day Anjali was late to office & {Rahul} asks for the reason she says“when i was starting to the office I saw a accident And the victim was pregnant, I could not sustain Myself till I admit her at the hospital. A surgery was dne to the victim & I took the responsibility of all the medical expenses & saw the baby boy who just got delivered. That smile of that mother was immensly heart touching for me.” Listening this Rahul was very happy for her & decided to marry her but she does not know the real truth. He needed a life partner like Anjali

Launching of website by VDESIGN

It was big day for Anjali to launch her website under the reputated company VDESIGN. Very famous delegates attended for the launch. Anjali was shocked watching everything. A common 10k salaried man arraging such a big event was quiet shocking for her. She looks at the logo of VDESIGN & asks one of the guest who was hosting this event. The answer was The Founder Of VDESIGN. She was immensly shocked, a millionaire Rahul doing this for her …. but why? Rahul arrived the event and everyone was giving him a standing host for him. Anjali was shocked & emotional, for a span of time she did not understand what was going on around her. Then she forces one of the team member to tell the truth. The truth was Rahul was loving Anjali & Rahul wants to marry Anjali. She controlled herself & launched her event successfully & with no sign she left the auditorium. Rahul was worried & he came to know that Anjali knew the truth and left off

Rahul in search of Anjali…

After the dissapperance of Anjali, Rahul was broken & he did not her her details except her name. He gets angry , cry & all other emotions. He starts thinking calmly. He asks one of his telecom experts to track down her phone number. He gets her location .

Rahul confesses his love

After getting her location he fastly rushes to the location. He finds Anjali crying. He tries to console her. But Anjali slaps him hard & asks the answer ” Why did you do this only for me?” Rahul laughs seeing her crying and again consoles her. She gets more n more emotional Which led to him also cry.

He pulls her close to him, Wipes her tears and look’s into her lovely eyes and said ” I did all of this because I love you. I want you to be my partner. My life is incomplete without you. I love your kind heart, childish behaviour, confidence, the way you care for me. Anjali…. You don’t know that I know that you love me. I have seen you being happy when you came to my cabin when your late. I know why did you mock at my team members because I shouted on you. I saw you crying for me when I arrived at the event. Don’t Hide it Anjali, You may lie but your tears won’t” Anjali hugs Rahul tight and told ” I love you Rahul…” And Rahul kiss’s on her forehead.


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