Hard Work……

What do you understand by the term term hard work? Work hard for what? And what are you wasting time for ?

I strongly believe that ” HARD WORK PAYS OFF “

Work hard for what? You need to work hard on your skills. Firstly know your skill pulse & at what stream are you graceful. Develop every step of your skill. This is aint going into vein. We have many inspirational & aspiring people achieving their dreams.

So at what age are you going to work hard? Age doesn not matter. This is proved by manny of the multi Millionaires & billionaires. Your strong desire, dedication & determination is what makes you closer achieiving success.

What are we wasting time for? We are wasting time on Subscribtions,gaming,hangouts. Time is precious man! we get used to it. We need to work hard to predict our future. This aint about saving money & spending it. It’s about building up your career. That’s very crucial. You get many chances but those chances without efforts are in vain. Just few years of hustling gives you postponed freedom

What does it cost ? Working hard costs you time,intellectual intelligence,prediction,purpose& a strong desire. These cost you $0.00 to develop. It’s your turn to make use of them. Build them to the everest & trust me your the conquerer. Your not here to pay EMI’s,Bills & lead a suffocating life. You have many chances around you. Get owed to what you belong to. To what desire you owe to.

If someone tells you ” YOU CAN’T” they are showing you their limits.NOT YOUR’S!

Risk is the price , You pay for opportunity. Success isn’t a one night mission. It includes many sleepless nights,efforts,insults,failures & strategical plays.

Ideas are easy, Implementation is hard & worthy. I get lots of ideas everyday but I am not capable of implementing them & I can not blame others for my infirmity. I give up on those thoughts which makes me feels guilty. There one precious idea which made me procured near you. I tried many times but did not give up.

Wear your FAILURE as a Badge of HONOUR. When ever I get a failure, I cry for being a failure but I used them as a honour for my development. I learnt many lessons from failure. According to me Treat Your failures as a friend, it turns into success to be your best friend, to achieve it all you need is Work hard, patience. Slow & Steady wins the race

The #1 skill in life is not giving up.

Dude…Have a Primary Trust & belief in yourself, if you fail in that none of us in the world is gonna believe you.

International Idols Who proved that Hard Work Pays off

  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • Ratan Tata
  • Sundar Pichai
  • Christano Ronaldo
  • Virat Kohli
  • Warren Buffet
  • Jeff Bezos
  • JK. Rowling
  • Bill Gates
  • Marks Zukerberg
  • Colonel Sanders

The common point these idols had was They believed in themselves & created opportunities & made a revolution. From No where to Everywhere. A inspirational journey that will be cherished.

Success Manthra


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